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Hi, I'm Ann the founder of Belli-Belle.  Here is a little something about me, I grew up in Jamaica and moved to Toronto as a teenager.  I began making clothes & jewelry for family and friends while attending modelling school during my high school years.  At that time in my life, for some reason beyond me, I seriously thought I was going to be an accountant.  After a brief internship, I knew it was not for me.  I decided instead to follow my passion for fashion.  I attended college in Toronto, worked myself to the bone thanks to some amazing professors, some from the top fashion houses and museums in Europe.  I later moved to NYC to continue my education at the Fashion Institute of Technology before plunging into the fashion industry for literally....decades! 

After working in design for top luxury brands in Toronto, New York and China, I am now venturing into a future with Belli-Belle. 

Belli-Belle is a nick name from my best friend.  I loved the way she sang the name every time she used it along with the big smile on her face.   BTW if there was no smile, I was just Belle.   

Belli-Belle is a lifestyle brand offering unique jewelry and accessories.  We strive to curate collections of beautiful products for your selection, along with the attitude that customers come first.  We live by the mantra of applying the golden rule, always trying to do our part in our community as stewards of this earth.  Be kind, do unto other as you would have them do unto you.  Live life to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised....always do your best.     



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